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90-Yr-Old Prankster Livens Things Up At Retirement Home — By Playing Dead!

grandma laying on couch with arm up

She might be 90 years old, but she certainly hasn’t lost her edge! This grandma loves playing pranks at the retirement home.

This prank is a classic. We all remember pretending to pass out in our pool, with hopes that our friends would shower us with attention. Playing dead is messed up and universal!

This TikToker took a few minutes to document her grandma’s hilarious prank, and it’s now been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people!

Fans in the comments showered this jokester grandma with praise.

“If I live to be over 90 I want to be like this. Great sense of humour and so mobile. She’s very lucky,” said one viewer.

“You’re grandma is a legend. You’re so lucky to still have her,” commented another.

This playful grandma is a testament to keeping humor alive, even as we age. Silliness is not reserved for little ones! I’m totally inspired by the way she’s keeping everyone on their toes. Sometimes, we just need a quick laugh to remind us that things aren’t always so serious.

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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