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90-Yr-Old Grandfather Goes Back to College 60+ Yrs After Graduating, “It Makes Me Feel Young Again”

90 College

A grandfather named Paul Hocheder has decided to keep his “mind moving” with a full college experience at 90 years old. 

Paul already earned one degree in 1960, when he graduated from The University of Maryland after serving seven years in the service. But he decided it would help keep him “awake” and “alive” if he went back for another round. So he signed up for classes at Maryland’s Carroll Community College. 

His granddaughter, Gabby, was inspired by his determination, so, on her TikTok account, she highlighted his return to campus. When she woke up the next morning, she realized that hundreds of thousands of others were others were also inspired. 

“I thought it would be funny—what if we took a video of him walking into school for the first time,” she said in a video on GMA. “And I woke up the next day, and there were 500,000 views.” 

So Gabby kept posting updates, and people kept watching. The most watched video has over 4 million views today. 

“I got my backpack, blending right in with the coed,” he said in one of the clips. ” I’ve decided in the spring, I’m gonna rush a fraternity.”

Going Back To College at 90 Is Giving Paul “Something To Look Forward To”

Paul Hocheder is currently interested in a history major because he began his first semester with classes that explored the causes of both World Wars, and he was interested in learning those perspectives from generations that never saw the conflicts. 

“It makes me feel young again,” he said in the GMA video. “Coming through the school with all the young people mixed in, and older people for that matter… [it’s] something to do and something to look forward to instead of sittin’ around, retired, doin’ nothin’.” 

Gabby said she knew her grandfather would be a TikTok hit because “he’s a very funny guy.” But more importantly, she’s “so proud of him” for continuing to learn and explore well into his golden years. 

Gabby is currently finishing her first college degree, and she credits him for pushing her to be the best version of herself, as well. 

“You’ve always been an advocate for education,” she told him. “And that’s pushed me.”

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