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9 Thoughtful Christmas Presents For Friends, Family, and Anyone In Between

jellyfish socks and Bartisnal cocktail maker

4. Perfectly Packaged Wander + Ivy products make the best gifts for the wine-lover in your life.

Wander + Ivy single serving wine varietal pack
Wander + Ivy

Sip luxury wines from around the world with Wander + Ivy. These single-serve bottles are perfect for a relaxing weeknight. Each varietal is sourced from an award-winning vineyard and highly rated by Sommeliers.

5. Give your coworkers (or anyone else) the gift of year-round laughter with the “You Had One Job!” daily calendar.

You Had One Job daily calendar by Beverly L. Jenkins

Have you ever seen a job-related mistake so terrible, you couldn’t help but laugh? If so, you’ll love the daily workplace blunders featured in this 2023 “You Had One Job!” daily calendar. InspireMore readers may also recognize the writer behind the snarky captions accompanying each laugh-out-loud photo – it’s our very own Beverly L. Jenkins!

With a fun bonus puzzle or word search on the back of each page, this is the gift that keeps giving all year long.

6. Remind your loved ones that they matter with a handy positive affirmation travel mug.

daily affirmation travel mugs

Picture your loved one sipping their favorite beverage from a mug that reminds them how special and unique they really are! These mugs each contain positive phrases like “I am capable” and “I deserve to feel good,” a nice reminder we could all use from time to time. Each standard 20-ounce tumbler come with a gloss finish, one plastic straw, and one metal straw.

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