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89-Yr-Old Squeals With Joy During Surprise Visit From Her Long Distance Best Friend.

Two best friends in their eighties hug during a surprise visit.

These two ladies are the definition of friendship goals! Besties Angela Timmerman, 89, and Joann Flynn, 84, met over 60 years ago, and their relationship is as strong as ever. Which is impressive, especially considering that USA Today tells us Joann moved to North Carolina in 2019, while Angela remained in Connecticut. Both still carve out time to see each other, but their last get-together was a complete surprise to Angela. With the help of her bestie’s daughter, Joann managed to sneak in a special surprise visit from her best friend. It’s a good thing they caught the other woman’s reaction on camera, because it was priceless!

Angela screamed in excitement when she saw her friend enter the room, then quickly got up to give her a long hug. After all those years of friendship, it was clear that the two were still as thrilled to be together as ever!

Two best friends in their eighties hug during a surprise visit.
Screengrab from Humankind/Facebook

Humankind shared the video on Facebook, where it’s going viral.

“If my best friend doesn’t react like this when I walk through the door, I don’t want it,” the media outlet joked in their caption.

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming reunion!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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