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84-Yr-Old Starts Mile-Long Trek To Hair Appointment… Until Cop Says Nope!

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of elizabeth good on the backseat of a patrol car. on the right there is a picture of officer hofmeister walking elizabeth to the door of the hair salon.

Mufreesboro Police Department’s Officer Lance Hofmeister was out and about on his patrol duties when, suddenly, he spotted an elderly woman getting off from a bus. He then noticed that the she started walking on the side of a busy highway using her walker for support.

To make sure she the old lady was ok, Officer Hofmeister decided to get out of his car to ask her where she was going. As it turns out, the 84-year-old woman named Elizabeth Good was walking to her hair appointment – and she still had an extra mile to get to her destination.

According to Elizabeth, the bus from Nashville only went so far, so she had no other choice but to walk.

As soon as Officer Hofmeister heard this, he did not hesitate to offer her a ride to her appointment. And not only that, he also offered to pick her up once she was done.

elizabeth good on the backseat of officer hofmeister's patrol car.

Officer Hofmeister said this encounter reminded him of a very special someone: His late grandmother.

“It was definitely a sweet moment,” said Officer Hofmeister. “I’ll never forget it.”

Thank you Officer Hofmeister, for going above and beyond to help the community! We are sure Elizabeth will not forget this special moment either.

Watch the video of Officer Hofmeister walking Elizabeth to the hair salon’s door below, and don’t forget to share.


Just saw this Murfreesboro police officer take this adorable elderly lady to her hair appointment

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