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High School Students ‘Lend A Hand’ To Their Classmate Using 3D Printing

Steele Songle is an 8-year-old boy inexplicably born without a left hand. But Steele never worried about it — rather than focusing on his disability, he concentrated on pursuing his passion: sports.

Some local high school students thought they might help Steele chase his passion by providing him with the hand he never had. The students worked hard to accomplish their goal, and by utilizing their knowledge of engineering and 3D printing technology, they crafted a robotic hand specially made to fit Steele’s body.

The hand, which enables Steele to grip and maneuver in various ways, would have cost the Songle family upwards of $10,000, but thanks to technological advances in 3D printing, the prosthetic only cost about $3!


source: RON TARVER / Staff Photographer 

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