8-Year-Old Roasts Dad During School Talent Show & Has Everyone Cracking Up

Young comedian at a school talent show beginning his routine. "My daddy breath stink so bad..."

When it comes to favorite activities for young performers, the annual school talent show tops the list. The show allows students to get up on stage and do what they feel they do best. For Royal Gillespie, the talent he decided to showcase is a stand-up comedy routine. For many, comedy is a tough act. Delivery of the joke and the punchline needs to be precise to create the desired laughter response.

Image shows a young boy, Royal Gillespie, performing a stand-up comedy routine at his school talent show.
Image from Instagram.

Royal seemed relaxed on the stage, standing with one hand in a pocket and the other holding the microphone while delivering his lines. Choosing an appropriate and comical subject is also part of the magic of great comedy. Royal focused on his dad, delivering comedy gold with each word.

Standing on stage, young Royal began, “My daddy breath stink so bad…” The audience was ready for more. Even though he is the brunt of the joke, you can hear his dad laughing in the background. Royal continues, “He’s trying to teach my sister to brush her teeth, but he needs to brush his teeth.” The audience laughed loudly, but Royal had more to say.

With the setup delivered, Royal launches into the centerpiece of his routine. The following line is: “He tries to talk to me, he’s like, ‘Son, how was your day?'” The anticipation builds as he pauses. Royal emphasizes “Son” and “How” in a masterful impersonation of his dad. And then, the moment everyone is waiting for. The camera briefly pans over to a man standing on the side, laughing heartily. We’re pretty sure that is Royal’s dad. And then Royal delivers the punch line with perfect timing.

An 8-year-old delivering the punch during a school talent show where he roasts his dad perfectly.
Image from YouTube.

If this school talent show is any indication, this young man has a bright future in stand-up comedy! Please share this if you agree.

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