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8 Words Your Child Needs To Hear From You.

As any parent knows, there are so many ways to parent a child. Experts and parents speaking from experience will all vary on their tips and ideas, and it can get pretty overwhelming. But there’s one thing everyone agrees is a beautiful and meaningful gesture: letter-writing.

A letter from a parent to their child is one of the most lasting and meaningful ways of encouragement. In an article written for the Spruce, Jennifer Wolf says that “each letter is a tangible expression of our love and pride, combined with the hopes and dreams you have for their future.”

Want to know how to better impact your kids with your letters? Jennifer goes on to list 8 words to include in your letters that every child needs to hear.

Check out her insights below.


1. Love

  • via The Spruce

    Of course,  you want to tell your child how you feel! Even if “I love you” is something you say every day, the message is conveyed differently when the words are shared in writing.

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