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8 Brilliant Ways To Create Jaw-Dropping Art From A Blank Canvas.

Who would want a plain white wall when you can have something colorful and creative? If you’re answer is “no one” then this list is for you!

By taking simple blank canvases and using some awesomely inventive art techniques, you can transform your home into your own personal haven.

From wooden add-ons to layered paint, these 8 easy tricks will arm you with all your creative soul desires.

Check ’em out!

8 Easy Ways To Turn A Boring Blank Canvas Into Your Next Masterpiece:

1. Crayon Creation

Take a standard pack of Crayons (or a mega pack if you’re feeling crazy) and line them in a cool shape. With a hair dryer on high heat, blow the crayons in the direction of your choosing. You’ve just created a work of art!

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