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72-Yr-Old Woman Crushes Through CrossFit Workout In Incredible Video.

When you imagine your 70s, what do you picture? Most people think of traveling to new places, grabbing regular lunches with friends, and relaxing with family. But Lauren Bruzzone isn’t most people.

The 72-year-old avid CrossFitter has taken the internet by storm thanks to Instagram videos of her workouts. She’s proving to everyone just how motivational retired life can be.


For Lauren, fitness has always been a part of life. From a young age, she was involved in different physical activities including ballet and group workout classes.

She particularly enjoys CrossFit because it “challenges [her] weaknesses daily” and allows her to consistently improve. An added benefit is the supportive community she’s found at her gym in Stamford, Connecticut, where she can be surrounded by other “empowering women.”


Her trainer and her gym sometimes post videos of her impressive workouts. Most recently, a clip of Lauren completing a crazy challenge has gone viral. In it, she is seen wearing a 20-pound weighted vest as she carries two dumbbells and drags an additional weight behind her.


Apparently carrying that much weight wasn’t enough for Lauren because the video goes on to show her doing tricep dips – still wearing the weighted vest!


The video wraps up with her doing box jumps. Starting from the floor and jumping onto raised benches, Lauren doesn’t even break a sweat and makes this difficult workout look easy.


Lauren’s fitness and dedication are simply incredible to watch. She says her motivation comes from the people she is surrounded by seven days a week at the gym. Her advice for anyone wanting to follow in her footsteps: “set some short- and long-term goals and never give up working toward them.”

Her advice is something we should all remember in and out of the gym.

Watch Lauren crush her CrossFit challenge in the video below and be sure to share this story with your friends!

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