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7 Ways To Stop Negative Thoughts In Their Tracks

We all experience thousands of thoughts per day, some of which are negative, and that’s perfectly normal! But if you’re constantly thinking about yourself and everything around you in a bad light, it may be time to reframe how your mind is working.

Want to stop spiraling into negative thought patterns but don’t know where to start? Here are a few ways to put your doubts to rest.

1. Practice mindfulness.

Do you often find yourself worrying about the future or getting lost in past regrets? Shift your focus with guided meditations that can help you tune in to your senses in the present moment and stay calm.

2. Observe the thought.

Negative thoughts feel never-ending when the same ones run through your head time after time, but they’re actually temporary! Try sitting and simply observing each idea as it appears like a spectator, without engaging or making judgements. You’ll start to understand your thought patterns and how quickly they come and go.

3. Write the thought down.

Overthinking doesn’t solve any problems – it just creates mental exhaustion. Get the repetitive thought out of your head by jotting it down whenever it reappears, then write a potential solution next to it. This will change the way you look at it and help you focus more on solving problems instead of ruminating on them.

4. Challenge the thought.

Stop and ask yourself: Is this accurate and fair? Are you blaming yourself for things that are out of your control? Or are you only seeing the negative side of the situation? As you answer these questions, imagine you’re responding to a friend who is experiencing the same thoughts and apply the kindness you would show them to yourself.

5. Practice gratitude.

One of the best ways to adopt a more positive mindset is by focusing on what makes you happy. Write down a few things you’re grateful for every day, big or small, and you’ll start looking on the bright side more and more.

6. Make a plan for when things go wrong.

If your mind always goes to the worst-case scenario, you can soothe your fears by making sure you’re prepared. Worried about spending too much money? Make a budget! Afraid you’ll bomb a presentation at work? Practice at home! You’ll enter the situation much more confident and assured.

7. Give yourself a reality check.

Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. That’s what makes us human! Whenever you doubt your abilities or feel like a fraud, keep this in mind. And remember, your flaws do not cancel out everything you have to offer!

While we can’t always control what we think, we can choose how we react. If you need extra help doing so, don’t be afraid to ask for it!

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