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7 Ways To Become More Resilient In Stressful Situations

The question isn’t if you’ll encounter stress in your everyday life, it’s when.

Stress is an inevitable part of being human. We can’t always avoid it, but we can always improve how we cope with it! Bouncing back when things go wrong gives us a more positive outlook, so next time you feel overwhelmed, practice these simple techniques.

1. Banish negative thinking.

Make your inner voice your friend. If you heard someone tell a loved one, “You’re stupid and worthless,” you’d be angry and rightfully so. Treat yourself with just as much respect and stand up to those negative thoughts on your own behalf!

2. Don’t judge too harshly.

By the same token, remember to be gentle and forgiving with yourself, just as you would with a friend. If you do something you regret, work to make it right without beating yourself up for it. You can learn to react better next time.

The same goes for other people; try to pause and think things through before rushing to judge their behavior.

3. Be flexible.

Sometimes we set ourselves up for stress and failure by being too rigid with our expectations. Adopting a “go with the flow” attitude is good for you and everyone around you!

4. Brag about yourself, to yourself.

Recalling moments when we’ve succeeded feels good. If you’re mired in worry, try remembering similar times in your life when you’ve triumphed over a stressful situation. Never forget that you got through it – and you can do it again!

5. Find a new purpose.

Working with others is a great way to get out of your own head and focus on a common goal. Whether it’s planting a garden or joining a book club, there are countless ways to redirect your attention to healthy, stress-free activities.

6. Try problem-solving.

Having a plan of action can relieve stress. Just sit down and think about ways to fix your problem. Come up with a plan of action, and take the first step.

7. Distract yourself.

If there’s nothing you can do, set the trouble aside for when you’re better equipped to deal with it. Distract yourself by taking a walk, playing with animals, or doing some gentle yoga or meditation.

Plenty of stress is purely situational, so remember the most important aspect of dealing with it: “This too shall pass!” Square those shoulders and tell yourself – and the world around you – that you’re resilient and you’ll get through this!

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