7 Unique Holiday Dishes From Around The Globe!

international holiday dishes

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, delicious food. Around the world, different cultures have their unique culinary traditions that make the festive season even more special. From the Middle East to the Himalayas, from the cobblestone streets of Italy to the vibrant markets of Nigeria, every region has its own way of spreading holiday cheer through food. Here, we take a culinary journey to explore seven unique holiday dishes from various corners of the globe. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these international holiday dishes!

1. Freekeh: A smoky delight from the Middle East

Freekeh, a Middle Eastern winter favorite, is like a hug in a bowl. Made from green durum wheat that’s roasted and rubbed, it brings a unique smoky flavor to soups and stews.


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2. Rildok: A Himalayan heart-warmer

From the Sherpa community of Nepal comes Rildok, a hearty potato-based soup. This Himalayan delight warms the soul during the cold mountain winters, reminding us of the simple yet profound pleasures of traditional cooking.

3. Kūčiukai: Lithuania’s sweet little secret

These slightly sweet Lithuanian pastries are a Christmas must-have. Kūčiukai are tiny, doughy delights often enjoyed with poppy milk. Their subtle sweetness and comforting texture make them a festive favorite.

4. Panettone: Italy’s challenging but charming bread

Panettone, a towering achievement in Italian baking, is known as one of the hardest breads to make. This sweet, fruity loaf is a Christmas staple in Italy, embodying the craftsmanship and tradition of Italian bakers.


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5. Jollof Rice: Nigeria’s colorful celebration in a dish

A West African gem, Jollof rice is as vibrant as a Nigerian festival. This one-pot wonder, rich in flavors and spices, is a versatile dish that brings a festive spirit to any table it graces.

6. Buñuelos: Colombia’s Christmas balls

In Colombia, Christmas isn’t complete without Buñuelos. These cheesy, deep-fried fritters offer a perfect mix of crispy and soft textures, making them an irresistible holiday treat.


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7. Doro Wat: Ethiopia’s spicy festive stew

Doro Wat, Ethiopia’s beloved chicken stew, is a Christmas table centerpiece. Slow-cooked with berbere spice and served with Injera, this dish is a flavorful journey through Ethiopian culinary traditions.


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The holiday season is a reminder of the rich tapestry of culinary traditions that exists around the world. Each of these international holiday dishes tells a story of culture, history, and communal joy. As we celebrate, let’s savor not just the flavors on our plates but the stories they carry. What unique holiday dish does your culture cherish? Share with us and spread the festive cheer!

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