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7 Home Decor Abominations That Will Make You Say “Why?!”

A door whose top right corner is at an angle because it the ceiling is too low

Decor is supposed to accentuate a home, give it personality, and reflect the residents’ tastes. But sometimes, what’s intended to be an expression of style can become a bizarre attention-grabber.

From questionable designs to outright bizarre choices, here’s a list of seven home decor choices that’ll have you scratching your head.

1. The awkwardly angled double sink.

Who needs a straightforward sink when you can have one at a mysterious angle with a lovely void in the middle?

2. The terrifying clown collection.

This is a prime example of why some childhood memories should stay in the attic.

3. The seashell surprise.

Why have a simple paper towel roll in your bathroom when you can surround it with a seashell display? Bonus: the sound of the ocean while drying your hands.

4. The lamp that has a vendetta.

Someone wanted to light up their life but ended up blocking their cabinet door instead.

5. The bed-tub bunk combo.

Why waste space in your studio apartment? Sleep on the top bunk, and bathe directly underneath. It’s like camping, but indoors.

6. The geometrically challenged door.

It’s not the door’s fault. Besides, cutting a door at an angle? Pure Picasso.

7. The isolated fridge island.

Standing proudly in the middle of the room, walled by three sides, it’s the fridge that said: “I need my space.”

In the world of home decor, one man’s art can be another’s absurdity. Next time you’re thinking of jazzing up your space, remember – it’s all about balance. And perhaps avoiding a clown display.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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