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7 Clever And Hilarious Amazon Reviews That Will Leave You In Stitches

When you buy anything on Amazon, checking the reviews left by other customers is pretty standard. Sometimes, these can be benign and offer little more than, “This item performed as expected.” However, depending on the item, some reviews can offer gut-hurting laughter. One of the most infamous Amazon reviews is about sugar-free gummy bears.

One reviewer states that he was happily munching away during a final examination in college. The exam proctor mentioned that restroom breaks should be taken at that time. The fearless exam-taker declined because “The demon bears hadn’t released their unholy necromancy upon my stomach yet, so in my moment of ignorant foolishness, I remained seated, still munching on those miniature bear-shaped bombs.” The review only gets better as you read the entire page-long missive.

1. The Entire Plot Of The Book Is In The Cover Illustration!

The Amazon review for this children's book is hilarious, claiming that the title, Where is Baby's Belly Button, offers mystery and intrigue while the image shows the answer.
Image from Amazon.

This disappointed reader left a scathing review of the children’s book, “Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?” The review begins, “I was hoping to learn something new from reading this book, however, it turns out the baby’s belly button was exactly where I expected it to be.” The reviewer continues, explaining that the book has “no significant plot twists” and weak character development. They finish by recommending, “… if you are seeking more thrills and suspense, consider a Steven King novel.”

2. This Accordion Sun Shade Has A Major Flaw

A reflective sunscreen available on Amazon.
Image from Amazon.

This product reviewer begins with praise, “I love this product. It keeps my car nice and cool, BUT I will say that the only defect I have found so far is that it is very hard to drive with this on. I have had over 5 wrecks since I purchased it.” After describing attempts at driving with the window down and hanging out in order to see, the reviewer finished with, “Overall I would recommend this product, but only for those who are good at driving without being able to see the road.”

3. If You Need A Buddy, Amazon Has Just The Thing!

Screen Capture of an Amazon review.
Screen Capture from Amazon.

When you need companionship, Amazon offers a “Senior Woman with Asthma Wall Decal” that will keep you company without being annoying. Customer Reviewer Andy gave it five stars and a glowing write-up!

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