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6-Year-Old Girl Stole Mommy’s Donut, But When She’s Caught Red Handed Her Argument Is Amazing!

As a kid, when you haven’t been fully trained to follow the rules, getting away with things is so much fun. Drawing on the walls, dressing up the dog and eating foods you shouldn’t are all such a thrill. And Tiffany Sims seems to specifically like donuts.

After her mom specifically told her she couldn’t have any of the donuts until after lunch, this big-haired little girl somehow got into the cookie jar and stole not one, but two big round of treats. Unfortunately for Tiffany, mom caught her red handed. But she wasn’t going down without a fight. Her first tactic was to hide the prizes under a white crochet beret laying on the floor, pretending that she had no idea what mom was talking about.

Then Tiffany really amazed with her ‘indisputable’ arguments of complete denial, false blame, and diversions. But mom keeps her cool, and takes the logical approach of asking a series of questions that totally catch Tiffany in her lie.

Finally they decided on a punishment of no sweets for the rest of the day. Did the crime fit the punishment? It’s hard to tell because Tiffany doesn’t seem too upset when she gets her sentence.

Regardless, this little girl’s story telling skills and talents for avoidance are pretty impressive…and beyond cute. Share today to brighten someone’s afternoon!


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