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6 Ways To Make Your Time Off Work As Relaxing As Possible

We all need breaks every so often to recharge, but sometimes our vacations can be just as stressful as the challenges we face at work.

Whether you’re traveling or opting for a staycation at home, it’s important to get the mental rest you need to de-stress. So whenever you decide to take some time off, keep these six tips in mind to maximize your recovery time.

1. Prioritize downtime.

You don’t need to schedule out your entire trip to have fun. Make sure to kick back and do something that helps you unwind, like getting lost in a good book or taking a stroll.

2. Line up an engaging activity.

Dive into that puzzle you’ve been meaning to work on or do something else that stimulates your mind – so long as it’s not work-related.

“For stress recovery experiences, it’s actually helpful to be engaged in something else that you find engaging or stimulating,”said Dr. David Ballard, a psychologist and the director of the American Psychological Association’s Office of Applied Psychology.

3. Unplug from your phone.

With the ability to connect with anyone anywhere at our fingertips, it can be tempting to check up on things at work. Turn off your notifications, and try to limit how long you’re scrolling through social media and the news. This is supposed to be a break, after all!

4. Talk to a professional.

Sometimes, cutting down stress calls for talking to a mental health expert. They can help you nail down the best ways to enjoy your time off!

“You might problem solve or strategize with them in advance of taking time off to make sure you get the optimal recovery experience,”Ballard added.

5. Get a good night’s rest.

Quality sleep is key to feeling your best, whether you’re working or getting away for a few days. So make sure you’re catching enough z’s!

6. Make a plan for getting back to work.

How will you get up to speed back at the office? Already having a plan for how you’ll tackle certain tasks will make it easier for you to return refreshed and ready to jump back into the daily grind.

Simple, right? We can feel the stress melting away already!

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