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5-Year-Old Becomes The First Child In The UK With A 3D Printed Hand Thanks To The Innovative Prosthetic Company E-Nable

3d printed hands via e-nable

Hayley Fraser is a 5-year-old Scotland native who was born without fully-formed fingers on her left hand. Her parents, wanting more than anything for Hayley to have a normal childhood, so they began to seek help to make their wish a reality. That’s when they found E-nable, a US company which creates prosthetic hands using 3D printers, personalized for each individual and their needs.

Hayley with her awesome pink 3D printed hand

3d printed hand
Image via Vizita

E-nable works with engineers, volunteers, occupational therapists, families and many other awesome people who help create and design these superhero-like hands. The company has not yet patented their designs, so they offer those needing prosthetic limbs files which they can download in order to print the designs or enhance them on their own. The process is completely collaborative and people all over the world are using their designs and prototypes, giving them to people who need the prosthetics…for FREE.

hayley fraser with her prosthetic hand made by a 3d printer
Image via handverker

Hayley is the first kid in the UK to have a 3d printed limb, and her self-esteem and confidence have grown immensely, since before the 3D hand she’d often hide her hand. Those around her are amazed at how much this device has improved her life and they are impressed with the unique design, chosen by Hayley and her parents. Now she loves being able to paint her nails and has a blast painting others’ nails, too!

Image via handverker

We’re in awe over how rapidly technology is constantly developing in the most creative ways and we can’t wait to see how E-nable continues to improve lives as it continues to expand.

Hayley isn’t the only child who has benefitted from E-nable’s products…

3-year-old Hawaiian boy with his Iron Man-inspired hand. He’s definitely a superhero now!

3 yr old hawaiian boy gets hand
Image via Geekologie

Some of E-nable’s amazing 3D creations

3d printed hand
Image via E-nable
enable kids with prosthetic 3d limbs
Image via E-nable

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