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5 Wholesome Travis Kelce Facts That Will Make NFL And Taylor Swift Fans Love Him More

A two-photo collage. The first shows Travis Kelce posing with a group of young people for his foundation Eighty-Seven & Running. The second photo shows Travis Kelce posing at an event. He's smiling and has his hands in his pockets.

If you’re either an NFL or Taylor Swift fan, it’ll come as no surprise that there’s been quite a lot of news coverage on Travis Kelce and Swift recently. It all started when the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs attempted to reach out to Swift at one of her own concerts with a friendship bracelet. At first, it seemed as though she hadn’t responded but, since then, the iconic singer has been seen at two of Kelce’s games, happily cheering along with the likes of his mom and other celebs.

While we don’t know the exact nature of their relationship, it’s clear they’ve become closer recently, causing the fans of both Kelce and Swift to learn more about one another. As a long-time Swiftie myself, I can certainly relate. That’s why I’m happy to share with you some wholesome facts I’ve learned about the football star that, I believe, fellow Swift fans will be happy to learn.

1. Kelce started his own foundation to help underserved youth.

Growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Kelce says he was raised in a diverse neighborhood. This highlighted for him the number of kids growing up in circumstances that put them at a disadvantage. He noticed that when folks from his city became successful, they’d never look back — he didn’t want to be that way.

Instead, he created Eighty-Seven & Running, a foundation that helps kids explore and develop their skills and passions, all while learning critical life skills. According to their website, the foundation finds success through athletic programs, fundraising, mentoring, and outreach initiatives.

2. He chose his jersey number in honor of his brother, Jason Kelce.

You might think that the Kelce brothers would be super competitive, considering they both play for the NFL — they even competed in the Super Bowl. But more than anything, the Kelce brothers couldn’t be more proud of each other. In fact, Travis Kelce chose 87 for his jersey because his brother was born in 1987.

“If there is a Kelce legacy, two brothers making it to the NFL, it all started in 1987, because this big guy was born in 1987,” Kelce said.

3. Kelce welcomes new football fans with open arms.

The Kelce brothers have a podcast together called New Heights. On it, they’ve introduced a new segment called “No Dumb Questions,” giving new NFL fans, many of whom are Swifties, a safe space to learn about the game.

The title of the segment really says it all — no matter the question, both Travis and Jason are happy to answer with absolutely zero judgement, a sentiment long-time Swifties can especially appreciate as more and more people have become fans of Swift over the years.

4. Mama Kelce is to the NFL what Mama Swift is to us.

Like Swift, Kelce is also known to be especially close with his own mom, whose name is Donna. In fact, she’s even appeared in a couple of commercials with her sons, including this one for Campbells Soup.

5. This two-time Super Bowl winner isn’t afraid to embrace his silly side.

If you’re a fan of Swift then you know that, despite being a superstar, she’s not afraid to be her fun, goofy self, and it seems that Kelce is the same way. Fittingly, both of them have done this through dancing — the difference being that Kelce typically shows off his fancy footwork in celebration of a touchdown. This is something that he’s become so known for that there are whole compilation videos of some of his best moves.

No matter if you were already an NFL fan or are simply curious to learn more now that Kelce has become a bigger part of Swift’s world, one thing is for certain: It’s been fantastic to see these two worlds collide, all because of two beloved celebs getting closer.

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