5 Times Thieving Pets Managed To Sneak A Forbidden Snack

These pets found ingenious ways to steal snacks!

Most pet parents already know that if they leave a snack anywhere within reach of their four-legged friends, it’s going to disappear. However, some animals are so clever that even the most experienced owners find themselves the victims of food theft! We can’t really blame our pets, though. How are they supposed to resist the same delicious snacks that test our own self-control?


Every pet has their own method of securing forbidden snacks. Some are sneaky, some are fast, and some are just plain bold! We think these are some of the funniest videos of pets stealing food that the internet has to offer. In fact, they’re so hilarious, we can’t even be mad!

1. A dachshund grabbing a Yorkshire pudding for the road.

2. A beagle burgling a bagel from a bicyclist.


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3. A cat that steals food right from the source.


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4. A tiny puppy that will go to great heights to snag a treat.

5. A cat that won’t let anyone take his rightfully stolen goods!

While they may not have gone about it in the most polite way, at least we know that these pets worked hard to earn their snacks!

You can find the source of this story’s featured images here and here.

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