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5 Hilarious Potty Training Videos That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

toddlers practicing potty training

We all go through potty training, but there weren’t cell phone cameras back in the day, though! If you’ve raised little ones, you know the craziness that can ensue during said potty training. From falling asleep to missing the pot, these hilarious toddlers will brighten your day with a humbling reminder of where we all started.

1. It’s exhausting to be a toddler!

2. She’s simply declaring the state of affairs.

3. This is a classic potty training fail!

4. Daughter shows incredible integrity when she could’ve blamed the dog.

5. Everywhere is a potty when you’re a kid!

While potty training fails may not be funny for the parent in the moment, they’re certainly funny for all of us. Hope you enjoyed this compilation, as well as the pat on the back for how far you and your kiddos have come. Sometimes, it’s the little things that boost your confidence. Way to make it to the bathroom!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube (here and here).

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