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5 Celebs And Their Scene-Stealing Pets We’re Obsessed With

Hugh Jackman with his dog on the left, Serena Williams with her dog on the right

You’ve cheered for them at award shows, followed their latest films, and maybe even binge-watched their TV shows. But did you know some of these stars are pet parents to some utterly adorable critters? We’re back to spotlight the pets that are just as captivating as their famous parents.

Just like you and me, celebs seek love and comfort from their four-legged pals. And these pets aren’t merely about the glam and glitz; they’re important family members. So, who’s harboring a household of cuteness? Let’s dig in!

1. Ariana Grande and Piggy Smallz.

Pop princess Ariana Grande has a pet pig, and yes, she’s adorable. Piggy Smallz became a sensation overnight when Ariana introduced her on social media.

2. Serena Williams and Chip.

Sprinting to victory — on and off the court! Athletic prowess runs in the family.

3. Hugh Jackman and Dali.

An X-Man and a French bulldog — what’s not to love? Dali, named after Salvador Dalí due to his quirky mustache, adds artistic flair to the Jackman household.

4. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter.

He may play snarky characters on-screen, but Reynolds is a softie when it comes to Baxter.

5. Mike Tyson and his pigeons.

The heavyweight champ has a soft spot for these birds. Tyson’s pigeon-keeping hobby is as legendary as his boxing career.

Beyond the dazzling spotlights and red-carpet galas, these celebs find comfort and joy in their unique pets. The next time you’re scrolling through social media, don’t just look for celebrity selfies; keep an eye out for these famous pets who are low-key stealing the show.

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