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5 Autumn Ambiance Videos That Embody Coziness With Their Soothing Sounds

A two-photo collage. The first shows art of the inside of a cozy cottage. There’s a giant fireplace and a massive window with a view of the fall leaves on trees outside. The room is full of random fall-like items, including candles. The hues are on the darker side. The second photo shows an art piece of the outside of a home by some water. There’s a fire pith with a chair nearby that holds a guitar. Pumpkins and a lantern are also nearby. A picnic table with a cat is nearby as well. A second cat is closer to the house.

The beauty of fallen leaves, the taste of a warm beverage when there’s a chill in the air, and watching movies while wrapped in a blanket — these are just a few of the reasons why autumn is probably my favorite season. When this time of year comes around, I love to find ways to incorporate this cozy aesthetic into my everyday life. One way I do this is through music.

When an activity calls for music without lyrics, like when I’m writing, I head over to YouTube to find the perfect video. For added fun, I search for ones that are related to the current season. They create the perfect ambiance through sound, of course, but the art work for these videos is also gorgeous. Below you’ll find five of my favorites — check them out!

1. Coffee Shop/Bookstore With Jazz Music And Rain Sounds.

Fun fact: I’m listening to this one as I write this article.

2. Relaxing Music On An Autumn Farm With Pumpkins.

3. Jazz And Rain In A Cozy Coffee Shop At Night.

4. Rainy Day In An Autumn Cottage, Featuring A Fireplace.

5. Jazz Piano In A Fall-Themed Coffee Shop.

Even if you can’t afford to splurge on every single piece of fall decor you see in stores, a struggle close to my heart, there are still lots of fun ways to make the season feel as cozy as possible. What are your favorite ways to get into the fall spirit?

You can find the sources of this story’s featured image here and here!

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