Mom Forces 4th Grade Fashion Bully To Wear Hideous Thrift Store Clothes To Teach Important Lesson.

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Elementary school can be full of friendship, laughter, fun – and bullies. Rebellious kids often try to make themselves feel better by teasing other classmates about anything and everything they can. At such a young age, the habits formed by some children that pick on others, can carry well into adolescence and adulthood.


Parents, who fear their child may become the obnoxious bully, will sometimes take extreme measures to ensure they don’t become the ones terrorizing the halls, classrooms, and playgrounds of their local elementary school. One crafty mom discovered her daughter was bullying another girl at school; Mom decided to turn the tables back on her so she could feel the pain she was inflicting on her victim.

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Kaylee Lyndstrom, is a “self-proclaimed 4th grade fashionista”who was picking on a fellow classmate at her elementary school. The bullying got so bad that her target told her teacher that she no longer wanted to come to school. When Kaylee’s stepmom, Ally, heard about how she was treating the other girl, she decided to take action and drove her to a local thrift shop.

Ally told Kaylee to pick out the two most hideous outfits she could find. Kaylee was shocked when she discovered that Ally had a plan for the outfits – she was going to make Kaylee wear them to school.

The next day as Kaylee walked the halls in her terrible outfits, the “fashionista” found out what is was like to be bullied. The others kids began to tease her and laughed at her clothes.

Kaylee not only had a little taste of her own medicine but she also learned an important lesson. She said it completely changed her perspective. She not only apologized to the girl she was bullying but now they have become best friends.

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What do you think about her mother’s punishment?

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