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43 Starving Dogs Rescued From Missouri Breeder By Humane Society.

A man hugging a rescued Shiba Inu.

Police in Douglas County, Missouri, responded to an anonymous tip about animal cruelty on the property of a commercial Shiba Inu breeder. When authorities arrived, they couldn’t believe the conditions these dogs were forced to live in. Immediately, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department put the animals under the protection of the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO). Veterinarians from the Missouri Department of Agriculture also stepped in to examine the abused dogs.

Though they sadly didn’t arrive in time to save every dog on the property, they quickly whisked away the 43 surviving dogs and got them medical attention as rapidly as possible.

“When we walked on the property, my stomach dropped,” said Ella Frank, the director of the HSMO Animal Cruelty Task Force, according to Fox 2. “It was…absolutely horrible. Most of them are emaciated and have a body condition score of one to nine, and one being the lowest.”

A malnourished Shiba Inu in a cage on the property of a breeder.
Humane Society of Missouri/Facebook

She continued, “This one was difficult. I mean, watching, I don’t have words to describe the conditions of that property and how that these dogs were living. Yeah, it’s hard.”

HSMO shared a post about the incident on Facebook as well as several photos of the dogs they were able to rescue.

Someone from the Humane Society holding a rescued dog.
Humane Society of Missouri/Facebook

“We have worked tirelessly to bring these dogs to safety, and now that they are here, we are spending all of our time providing them the love and care they need,” Read the caption of the post.

A man hugging a rescued Shiba Inu.
Humane Society of Missouri/Facebook

Thankfully for these abused pooches, they have been removed from the conditions they were living in and given medical treatment as well as the attention and affection they so deserve. There will be a hearing on November 9 to place them permanently in the custody of the HSMO. If all goes well, the organization will then help them find new loving homes.

In the meantime, the Humane Society of Missouri is asking for donations towards the care of the dogs here.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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