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4-Yr-Old Skater Picks Herself Up After Big Fall — And Takes On Kids Twice Her Age!

Being a fighter means never giving up, even when you fall flat on your face! Four years ago, a Massachusetts dad brought his 4-year-old daughter Meiah to a roller-skating rink to burn off some energy. When they announced a race for kids up to age 8, Meiah had no problem stepping up to compete against children who were twice her age – and size!

Her dad captured the moment the race started as Meiah took off as fast as her little legs could carry her. Unfortunately, her feet became tangled almost instantly, sending her sprawling to the floor as the other skaters kept going.

“Go, baby! Get up!” her dad called to her. In seconds, the little girl was back on her feet and booking it down the rink. Never once looking back, Meiah rounded the corner ahead of the pack and won the whole race!

Her victory became so popular that it went viral with 500 million views. It’s great to see what a tough little cookie this child is. We all need to take a page from her book next time life knocks us down a notch.

Watch Meiah prove she’s a skating legend in the video below, and be sure to share this story.

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