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4-Yr-Old Accidentally Cheers For Wrong Sports Team, Confesses To Dad In Most Adorable Meltdown Ever.

little girl sobbing and held by dad

We’ve told you before about child sports-fans, like this little boy who became the hype-man for an NFL team, or these little athletes who taught the world what good sportsmanship looks like… but the sweet girl in this video is the tiniest sports fan yet!

4-year-old Kendall from Kentucky has been a Louisville Cardinals fan since birth. According to her dad, Scotty Kohler, he and his wife “are Louisville Cardinal fans, but have never pushed [Kendall] to be a fan of any particular team.” Still, little Kendall has picked up on the rivalry between the Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats. So when she accidentally cheered for “the Cats” while playing with her sister, she was absolutely devastated.

In the video below, Kendall confesses to her Dad, telling him that she and her sister were playing a game, and she accidentally said “Go Kentucky.” “I forgot what one was who… I forgot what they were named!” she explains through tears. She’s sobbing so hard, you can barely understand her words! Thankfully, Dad added captions to the video before sharing it on Twitter.

Now that’s a true fan!

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