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Toddler Walks Onto Country Legend’s Stage — Steals Show When He Starts Singing.

hunter hayes

Many people now recognize country music artist Hunter Hayes for his multiple Grammy nominations and awards, but some may not realize that he was a child prodigy who began his career at the age of two!

By the time Hunter was four years old, he was making television appearances and performing alongside music legends on stages all over the U.S. At seven, he was singing and playing accordion at the White House for President Clinton! His career skyrocketed from there, all due to his amazing talents and terrific work ethic.


When Hunter was four, he stepped out on stage in front of 200,000 people in Lafayette, Louisiana, to perform with Hank Williams Jr.


The adorable little guy comes out with his accordion, and when Hank asks him what he wants to do, he replies in the cutest southern accent, “I, uh, wanna do something called Jambalaya.”


Perhaps the crowd wasn’t expecting much from the little boy, but they soon found out that a genuine star was in their midst. Most kids would be more concerned with playing with trucks in the dirt at this age, but not Hunter!


Hank Jr. played and sang along with him, then told the crowd that, “Those 14- and 15-year-olds in this business better look out, ’cause here comes the 4-year-old.”


Hank Jr.’s words were definitely both accurate and prophetic; Hunter went on to achieve huge commercial success as a songwriter and instrumentalist. He currently plays over thirty instruments. Now that’s talent!

Watch below to see the moment when the world first got to know this amazing kid, and don’t forget to share to spread the love of music!

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