4 Teens Start Unusual Band With Household Items And We Can’t Resist Jamming Along.

the members of the band adam and the metal hawks playing music together, two of which are sitting, playing guitars, and wearing bowls on their head while the other two stand behind them and hold empty water bottles

Sure, using high quality instruments is nice, but it turns out they’re not necessary to make an absolute bop.

This was definitively proven by a group called Adam and the Metal Hawks, also referred to as AMH. In a video they posted, all four members can be seen with their own instrument in hand… and on their heads.

In addition to playing guitars, the two members up front also wore matching blue bowls on their heads, a seemingly odd choice that somehow lead to an incredible drum sound. But to make that sound happen, the other two members used what you’d expect a drummer to use in this situation – empty water bottles, of course! The result? A song that has no right sounding this amazing.

Watch AMH jam out below, and don’t forget to share.

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