Piano Teacher Shares Adorable Video Of 3 Giggling Boys Playing Coolest Song Together.

3 boys sitting in front of piano

Music lessons are a wonderful way to introduce your kids to a different way of thinking. Lauren Kelly of Vancouver, Canada, has been teaching piano to students of all ages for many years. Luckily for us, she shared her “number one favorite video of all time” on Facebook, and we haven’t stopped smiling since.

In it, Lauren introduces us to three little boys named Nicolas, Sam, and Thomas, who are seated together in front of a keyboard. The boys are feeling silly, giggling so much that they can barely tell her their names. Finally, Thomas collects himself and tells Lauren they’ll be performing a song called “Agent 003.”

The song is a “jazzy, sneaky” little tune arranged by Martha Mier. It’s meant to be played by six hands, with all three performers reading their separate parts on the same sheet of music.

It’s hard to believe children this age, especially ones who are feeling silly, could ever coordinate and concentrate enough to perform as one, but that’s exactly what they do! Each boy stops laughing and focuses on the music, tapping out a hit that’s even cooler because of how it’s played.

These three are amazing! We only wish we lived in Vancouver so Lauren could teach our kids. Check out the talented trio in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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