25 Hilarious Boyfriends Who Are Proving A Sense Of Humor Is Key In Every Relationship

an adult man wearing a backpack, sitting on a staircase, and smiling while holding a sign that says "first day back at work! 06 07 2021" and a cat sitting on the ground with the label "cat" set on her head

If there’s one thing every healthy relationship needs besides good communication, it’s humor.

OK, so there are actually plenty of other important elements to a relationship, but making each other laugh is definitely high on the list. Want to see some great examples? We’ve gathered some of the funniest boyfriend and husband moments that were just too amazing not to share.

1. “Wife said she wanted a small coffee table.”

2. “Today is a big day for my husband!”

3. “Made some labels for my wife’s contact lenses.”

4. “A year ago I started sending my GF these photos whenever she asked if the baby was OK.”

5. “My husband has a googly eye addiction.”

6. “Our first child recently turned a year old. I had to acknowledge my wife’s sacrifice as well!”

7. Looks like someone’s husband got a label maker…

8. “On the left is the photo I posted of my boyfriend and I, on the right is his response.”

9. “Not sure why my husband bought me this book.”

10. “My husband started 17th grade (his masters program) on the same day my daughter started 5th grade. They’re both ecstatic about back to school.”

11. “Asked my husband to take a photo of me with one of our new peeps.”

12. “My wife fell asleep like this during a move so I decided to recreate ‘The creation of Adam.'”

13. “My husband had a baseball display case customized for our dog’s foreign body removal.”

14. “My wife and I graduated from med school today.”

15. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

16. “My friend finished wrapping his wife’s presents. Left one a perfume, right one a sweater.”

17. “Husband says it’s a Navy Seal.”

18. “My sister asked for a Nintendo Switch for Xmas… her boyfriend must have misunderstood.”

Don’t worry – he only decided to give her this gag gift once he found out that her parents got her the real thing!

19. “What my husband sends me while I’m at work.”

20. “I annoy my wife by doing this every time she posts a landscape photo.”

21. “My wife said, ‘I’m going as Belle, get the matching costume.’ I didn’t understand the assignment.”

22. “My husband set up a motion sensor sign that lights up when my cat poops…. please hire him, he has too much time on his hands.”

23. “My wife can’t stand it when I do this.”

24. “My wife has had this photo frame hanging on the wall for too long without any pictures in it. Tonight, after she went to sleep, I decided to take this matter into my own hands… I’ll let you know tomorrow if I’m still married.”

25. “We had family photos and my wife doesn’t want this hanging in our entrance…”

We have to give a hand to each and every one of these clever guys for finding fun ways to be silly with their significant others. They’re proof that nothing says “I love you” like clever puns, silly photo shoots, and carefully edited photos.

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