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25 Dogs Who’ve Gone Full Derp And Have Zero Regrets

black dog making face in human's hands next to tiny white dog reaching for carrot

The best thing about living with dogs is how silly they can be at any given time.

Our pups have such expressive faces that it’s easy to see what’s going through their minds most of the time, but occasionally they get a little goofy. On the internet, we call these moments “being a derp,” and they’re pretty much our favorite things ever!

1. I’m no detective, but I think the dog got into the cat food again.

2. Must… touch… the… carrot…. *Touch!*

3. We’d like you to meet the biggest mood.

4. She may not be a supermodel, but she tries.

5. Have you ever been this comfortable in your entire life?

6. An Australian cattle derp surveying his domain.

7. Synchronized derping isn’t easy, but they nailed it.

8. Behold! A rare flying derp.

9. Dog? What dog? We only see a mud puddle.

10. “Hired the new watch dog, boss!”

11. One year he was mistaken for the Thanksgiving turkey.

12. That look you have when you’ve lost your will to go on.

13. The new neighbors sure are a nosey bunch.

14. Two derps for the price of one.

15. She blep. He blep. We all blep.

16. Ah-ah-ah-CHOO!

17. Did they adopt a puppy or a velociraptor?

18. Meet the high school basketball team’s new center.

19. This isn’t what we meant by “plant a dogwood.”

20. “I finally captured that pesky tail! Victory is mi– ow!”

21. His brief days as a fashion model were a tremendous success.

22. This dog transforms into a potato during periods of inactivity.

23. “Oh, I thought you said TO chew on the furniture. My bad.”

24. “In sickness and in derp.”

25. She’s doing it for the ‘gram.

Aren’t they adorable? We love dogs even when they’re being naughty… or derpy. In fact, we somehow love them even more during the derpy moments!

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