23 K-9 Puppies In Training Trying To Act Tough, But They Are Too Adorable!

Dogs have been used in law enforcement since the middle ages.

Gold was set aside in every established village for the upkeep and care of the constable’s bloodhounds, used in hunting down outlaws.

Hundreds of years spent detecting, tracking and subduing criminals created a type of working dog that is obedient, versatile and unquestionably loyal to its master – and the devotion is equally returned.

The 23 puppies below are all k-9 units in training. They’re cuddly and cute now -and will always be lovable pups- but soon they’ll be the ones coming to the rescue people just like you and I.

Check out these little guys in action below! 


1. First day on the job!

2. Tryin’ on a bulletproof vest.

3. Attennnnnntion!

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4. Getting rowdy.

5. Comonnnn!

6. Getting a little distracted…


7. The good stuff.

8. Those hats again…

9. Dawwwwww!

10. Just a little too big!

11. Play time!

12. Sittin pretty.

13. Am I doing this right?!

14. Mom!

15. Little rascals…

16. Poodles can be police dogs too!

17. Just waiting for the scratches.

18. Can I move already?!

19. Floof.

20. All the fun!

21. Even after a long day at the office

22. They’re ready to start again!

23. I hope they never grow up.

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