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42-Yr-Old Woman Refuses To Cut Hair For 2 Decades Until Oprah Calls Her Out.

sue walker haircut oprah

In a throwback clip from a 1999 episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” we’re introduced to a makeover that would amaze you no matter what the decade was.

A woman named Sue Walker actually managed to go 22 years without cutting her hair. As Oprah explained, Sue’s hair was so long that it was just a few inches away from dragging on the ground behind her! After much urging from her sister, who wrote to Oprah about Sue’s predicament, she finally accepted that it was time for a change.

sue before with glasses

Sue admitted to Oprah that it was hard to let go of the excess locks of hair. They represented familiarity and security. But Sue was willing to put her faith in Oprah’s makeover experts.

sues hair is very long

At just 42 years old, Sue looked more like she was 52, thanks to her über-long locks.

Just look at all that hair!

say bye to hair

But with Sue no longer carrying around a few feet of extra hair, it was time to style it and surprise her sister, husband, and the rest of Oprah’s eager audience.

The final result? Nothing short of unbelievable.

after reveal 1

Oprah, clutching the removed section of Sue’s hair, was visibly impressed.

In addition to the haircut, Sue ditched the matronly frames and was given an overall much more modern look. Sue’s sister was moved to tears.

after reveal 2

We sincerely hope that Sue kept up her salon appointments!

To see the dramatic change from start to finish, check out the video below. Don’t forget to share this if you loved the finished product.

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