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20 Times People Turned Ordinary Pieces Of Wood Into Extraordinary Masterpieces

brown and white staircase with three hidden cabinets underneath and a rapunzel inspired children's wooden tower and cottage in a backyard

There are some of us who, when shopping for furniture, think, “I bet I could make that myself!” Then there are the few who actually follow through.

The Reddit thread r/woodworking is full of incredibly talented people who know how to turn pieces of wood into literal art. From DIYers to professionals, there’s no shortage of breathtaking work to enjoy. We’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to appreciate, too!

1. This is without a doubt the coolest “piggy” bank we’ve ever seen!

2. “Just had our second kid so I lost my office. Made this Murphy style desk to save space in our bedroom.”

3. Is it a bench? Is it art? … Yes!

4. “CAREER CHANGE! Wish I would of done it sooner. After a year of being an apprentice in a cabinet shop, this is my big project on my own.”

5. We can’t get over how delightful this orca music box is!

6. “Beautiful project I’ve been working on for a few months. Thought everyone here would like to see!”

7. “I made this for my girlfriend and I’m really proud, not gonna lie. 24″x48″ with rings for holding potted plants.”

8. This incredible wooden Mandalorian helmet took just six days to create!

9. The wooden fishing rod is cool on its own, but it’s even cooler when paired with the magnetic fish.

10. Libraries are supposed to be welcoming, making this beautiful oak desk fit right in.

11. “We just finished up Rapunzel’s tower and cottage playhouse. Next up a bit of landscaping.”

12. This world map wall art is stunning enough on its own, but the LED string lights take it up a notch!

13. “First project! Sofa arm tray with a slot for the phone and a little gap for a glass/cup … Looks simple but has some complex details.”

14. “Just finished this jewelry box for my grandma. Made mainly of oak from the stairs of her old house.”

15. A treehouse for dolls? Too cute!

16. “Finished two of these bad oscars a couple weeks ago. Floating bedside tables in Walnut with New Guinea Walnut Pulls. Finished with Osmo.”

17. “Sharing more of my keyboard woodworking! This time in beautiful Sapele.”

18. “Due to the high cost of wood, I decided to make a playhouse entirely out of free pallets and free roofing.”

19. “I made 90 bottle openers out of recycled skateboards for our wedding favors… yes, there was quite a bit of sanding.”

20. This Redditor has been working on what he calls the “never-ending fence” for quite some time, but it’s finally complete!

Every single one of these pieces is priceless, and we can’t imagine all the time and effort that went into creating them. We’re so glad there’s a place for these talented people to share their labors of love with the world. There’s no telling how many others will find inspiration for their own projects!

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