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20 Pets Who Act Like Total Jerks — But We Love Them Anyway.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy living with pets.

While we absolutely adore our fuzzy friends, there’s no denying that keeping domesticated animals in our home is not always for the feint of heart. No matter how well behaved your cat or dog might be, there are going to be times when they just can’t resist following those animal instincts!

1. This is Mr. Pugsley.

“One day he knocked over the trash can and ate the 2-day old remains of a smoked paprika roast chicken. We lived in terror of the cooked bones killing him until he turned the bathroom floor into a diarrheic Slough of Despond. He’s a good boy.”


2. Meet Jolene.

“She ate every one of her dog beds as a puppy.”


3. “Did I do that?”

Nowhere is safe in this house…


4. Cockatoo V. Keyboard

“My husband once left our cockatoo out, momentarily unattended. When he came back a few minutes later, every single key from my keyboard had been removed and flung across the room!”


5. “Ernestine Justice Shacklekitten the three-legged wondercat”

“[She] has split my lip on more than one occasion with her aggressive cuddling. ‘My cat gave me a fat lip’ is the fakest sounding excuse ever but i mean, look at this thug.”


6. Hardheaded Pup

“My Dog is a pit-greyhound mix. Thin body but his head is as hard as a rock. About a week after we adopted him, we were horsing around on the couch. The booger hit me in the face with the top if his head and broke my nose.”


7. I follow the food.

“There were bones from homemade Buffalo wings in the trash can. Sooo….this happened.”


8. Inconvenient escalator kitty

Can’t you see I’m napping here? Go around.



“One of my kittens puts his front paws IN the water dish whenever he drinks, be-furring the water for everybody else.”


10. Claiming my friend…

“Here’s one of my dogs peeing on my other dog. It wasn’t the first time either.”


11. Your food will be mine.

“This beast insists on being on the dining table at all times and scoots as close as she can to our food while we eat. CanNOT get her to stop.”


12. Cat-astrophic ambush.

“I’ve encouraged this behavior because i find it amusing but my cat actively stalks me throughout my apartment and waits behind corners to ambush me. here’s her waiting to ambush.”


13. Picky eater.

“This guy eats cat poo any chance he gets.”


14. Stuck.

What?! I took a shortcut.


15. Attacked from behind

Why did I attack the red man-child? Because I can!


16.  Every single time.


17. Preferred seating.

“She has a whole farm where she can sit anywhere, yet she chooses to sit on the cat time and time again.”


18. Make room.

“This is our cat Charlotte. She is not familiar with boundaries, and has exactly zero shame.”


19. “You’re home early.”


20. Torment

“Dobby the cat waits for the dog to go out the cat flap, then sits in front of it so the dog (who is too polite to knock the cat in the face with hard plastic) can’t get back in.”


Yup, it’s a good thing they’re cute!

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