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2 Puppies Fell In Pit With A Cobra, But The Snake’s Tender Reaction Amazed Rescuers.

There are an estimated 30 million stray dogs in India. And in a state called Punjab, two of those puppies had a terrible accident.

One day, someone heard an adult female dog barking.  She was upset because her little ones had somehow fallen into a deep well with no way out. When the man who found them looked down, he saw something terrifying: A king cobra sat next to the two innocent animals.

pupImage via YouTube

But then he realized they actually weren’t in any danger at all. The snake, rather than striking a fatal blow, seemed to actually be protecting the two. They needed guarding because on the other side of the well was soaking wet soil – which the puppies could get stuck in, potentially drown and never have the chance to be pulled to safety.

The cobra was shepherding the puppies away from the danger.

Overall, the sweet pups spent over 48 hours in the well. Finally, the authorities came and heaved them up from the bottom of the pit.  When they were at the bottom, the snake did something even more incredible: he scooted to the other side so that the rescuers could help the dogs.  They were astounded!

The thankful men then also rescued the king cobra and released him into the woods, wishing him a life of safety.

It was a surprising outcome that touched the rescuers’ hearts. Share this act of kindness today!

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