18 Of The Most Mysterious Sea Creatures In Existence.

Oceans cover 71% of Earth’s surface, and 97% of the water’s depths remain completely undiscovered. Scientists find around 2,000 new ocean species every year, and as time goes on, the creatures they find seem to become even stranger than before.


Stranger, but still mysteriously beautiful. It’s inspiring to think that even more animals we had no idea about will soon be discovered… there are mysteries still hidden in our beautiful world.

So check out these 18 creatures. They are unique, downright wacky, and yet astounding.

1. Axolotl

2. Leafy Seadragon

3. Blob fish

4. Blue Dragon

5. Deep Sea Angler fish

6. Firefly Squid

7. Flying Gurnard

8. Frogfish

9. Line Angler

10. Ghost Shark

11. Megamouth Shark

12. Mola Mola

13. Ogrefish

14. Pink Handfish

15. Sarcastic Fringehead

16. Weedy Seadragon

17. RoughBack Bat Fish

  • via Imgur

18. Sea Butterfly

  • via Imgur

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