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15 Wholesome Celebrity Encounters That Have Everyone Cheering

mark hamill pointing at fan next to meryl streep with smiling fan

You never know when you might encounter your favorite celebrity in the wild!

These 15 people did, and their interactions are so wholesome it makes us smile.

1. Apparently Dolly Parton is just as good-natured as her music would imply.

2. We’re not entirely sure this “Matrix” actor isn’t a benevolent simulation.

3. Leia might be a princess, but Carrie Fisher was a queen!

4. Two of Marvel’s most popular actors prove, once again, that they are sweethearts.

5. A college student’s dream come true!

6. This encounter makes us tear up a little.

7. I guess you could say Jon Bon Jovi is wanted… dead or alive!

8. There really isn’t a better combination than celebrities and dad jokes.

9. Robin Williams was a “wonderful friend.”

10. Though Han Solo might travel galaxies, Harrison Ford is incredibly down to earth.

11. Muhammad Ali’s drawing skills are just as entertaining as his boxing.

12. Apparently, Mark Hamill is a bit of a joker.

13. Sigourney Weaver is just plain nice.

14. This picture with Tom Hanks makes us smile.

15. We wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Rogers!

These people are sure to remember the heartwarming conversations they had with these celebrities for the rest of their lives, and we won’t forget them anytime soon, either.

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