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15 Wholesome Animals That Make Us Grateful We Live On The Same Planet

A two-photo collage. The first shows a Dalmatian resting his head on the road near an insanely tiny mouse. The mouse is about the size of the dog's nose. The second shows a small kitten pressing her paws against the glass, showing off her bright, soft toe beans.

If you’ve ever had a pet of your own, you know that there are so many reasons to love animals. But those reasons go beyond how adorable their little faces are – though that certainly is one of them. Similar to humans, there are animals capable of feeling and showing love in ways that leave us speechless.

Examples of this can be seen all across social media – and it doesn’t just apply to animals we can have as pets! So keep scrolling for a reminder of just how wholesome the animals of the world can be, and why we need them just as much as they need us!

1. This man was feeling bad about hanging out at the beach alone, but then this little guy joined him!

2. Who else wants their own crow friend?

3. “Came home to my roommates dog protecting my kitten from the loud thunder and lightning outside.”

4. “This is Luna. She’s not usually allowed on the couch, but there are bigger problems in the world, so she’ll be right here if you need her. 13/10.”

5. “How my cat looks at my boyfriend.”

6. “Murphy, the bald eagle that was trying to hatch a rock, has been given a chick to raise. Here he is feeding it.”

7. “One of the kittens in our neonate center at work decided to show off the beans.”

8. “Met a little mouse on our walk. Despite his size, Pod was very careful with it. My gentle giant.”

9. “Our dog has hardly left my wife’s side since baby arrived. He’s a proud older brother.”

10. “Our newest rescue. She’s afraid of men so my husband put a blanket down for her to choose when to approach. She laid by him and used his head for a pillow.”

11. “One of the greatest joys you can have in life is knowing that orphaned baby orangutans go to jungle school every day (where they learn how to be orangutans) in a wheelbarrow school bus.”

12. The cutest snuggle buddies ever!

13. “We don’t have kids so my wife and I take our dog around to look at the lights. He loves it.”

14. “I’m currently in the early stages of labor and I think they all know it…”

15. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Yesterday we installed a displaced pet feeding station in Kramatorsk (with your support!). This morning, the Ukrainian dogs waited in line to eat.”

So, we totally understand that not all of these animals can be pets, but imagine how awesome it would be if they could? In any case, we’re still happy to be sharing a planet with them. They truly do make the world a happier and more wholesome place!

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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