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15 Videos That Prove Practice Makes Perfect Next Level Skills

When you’ve crushed all of the basic levels, the only place to take your talents is to the next level!

All of the people in the videos below have done just that. From humble street vendors who seem to defy gravity with their cooking skills, to truck drivers who can maneuver a 40,000-pound tractor trailer better than most of us can park a Ford Pinto, these skills have definitely gone to the next level!

1. This is for all the people who refuse to even try to parallel park.

2. That giant line seems to have a mind of its own, yet it’s completely controlled by a flick of this man’s wrist.

3. So mesmerizing… we could watch him do this all day!

4. Something tells us our cake would not turn out this well.

5. Most people would be in the water faster than you can say “splash.”

6. This one scares us a little, but in a good way.

7. Anything you can do, this guy can do with an excavator.

8. It’s not a watermelon anymore; it’s art!

9. We’d spend our whole day cleaning spilled pizza off the floor if we tried this.

10. It’s almost too pretty to drink.

11. Not to be outdone, who’s up for a cup of tea with milk?

12. How does the water not splash out?

13. We’re stealing this technique for sure.

14. This is the person you want as your valet.

15. He’s just showing off, and we’re totally here for it!

How impressive are these people? We need to start practicing our skills so we can make it to the next level, too!

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