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15 Videos That Prove Parrots And Hilarity Are Birds Of A Feather

funny parrot videos

We love all animals, but birds make some of the most beautiful, exotic, and downright hilarious pets.

There are over 398 species of parrot, including cockatiels and parakeets. They’re known for being some of the most intelligent birds, and each one has their own distinctive personality. The fact that some species of parrot can even imitate human speech makes them even more popular members of a family.

1. This bird is just as playful as your average cat or dog – and just as cute.

2. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Tico & the Man perform “Don’t Fear The Reaper.”

3. This guy has the most fun at the beach thanks to his well-trained parrots.

4. “I left my room and put my phone on record to see what my bird would do.”

5. Such a good mama bird!

6. This cockatoo doesn’t like dogs – and isn’t afraid to bark right back at them!

7. “He’s been wiggling at my bottle lately and I wasn’t sure why until now.”

8. This parrot sings “Chandelier” better than Sia does. Sorry not sorry!

9. Gotcha the Moluccan cockatoo has an incredible vocabulary. Is he a bird or a toddler?

10. “Birds can be such majestic, graceful creatures. And then there’s Alex.”

11. This gorgeous bird doesn’t quite know what to make of his long-lost ancestor, the dinosaur.

12. Take that, stuffed animal!

13. A game of peekaboo got real for this parrot and his family.

14. He is very concerned about the spin cycle.

15. This bird doesn’t want his human watching TV. Guess how we can tell!

If you weren’t a fan of birds before, we hope you have a new appreciation for them after watching these videos. It’s hard to believe birds can be this talented, but some of these feathered friends are better trained than most cats!

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