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15 Unruly Birds Who Can Turn Anything Into A Nest — And We Mean Anything!

birds making nest in helmet and inside fence post

Birds have the freedom to make their homes anywhere, and they definitely do!

Mailboxes, light posts, inside an old boot… there’s no shortage of cozy yet inappropriate spots for birds to lay their eggs and rear their offspring. Sometimes, it seems like they have to be real “bird brains” to construct their nests in busy areas frequented by humans, but what do we know? We don’t speak bird!

1. It’s a good thing they opened the grill up before firing it up for a spring BBQ.

2. That’s not a nest, it’s a mop! Silly bird.

3. Who knew a motocross helmet makes the perfect covered patio for a nest?

4. If you can get past the rusty nails, this fence post makes a pretty sweet pad.

5. This CCTV camera is watching you, and so is the legion of baby birds that live on it.

6. This person vowed to take the bus until this bird family was finished using her bicycle seat pack.

7. We hope whoever left this jacket in the woods wasn’t hoping to get it back. The pockets make pretty comfy nests!

8. “Two eagles have decided to build a nest right outside my grandma’s window on the 12th floor.”

9. Who needs television when birds build a nest right outside the window?

10. We don’t blame this robin mama for choosing such a pretty place to nest.

11. “My wife hung a wreath on our front door. In the first week a bird built a nest inside the wreath. Week two, a bird built a nest on top of the wreath.”

12. “I fed a duck, then she made a nest 6-feet from my front door.”

13. Dorothy the Canada goose comes back to the same deck to make her nest each year.

14. Another Canada goose chose a large planter at a hospital, so a maintenance man gave her water and shade.

15. Meanwhile, back in the height of COVID times…

Silly birds! Their nesting habits prove that this is their world, we’re only living here!

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