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15 Times This Artist Had Disney Princesses Experiencing A Whole New World

jasmine and aladdin edited onto the body’s of jack and rose from the movie ‘titanic’ in the ‘I’m flying’ scene and snow white, rapunzel, and cinderella edited onto monica, rachel, and phoebe from the show ‘friends’ when the three of them are eating and drinking on a couch while wearing wedding dresses

As fun as it is to imagine our favorite characters in new or unexpected situations, an artist on Instagram is able to do something even better.

Using her impressive artistic skills, @onefairyfail edits characters from Disney princess movies into all kinds of scenarios. Some have them in entirely different movies or shows while others give us an idea of what they might be like in modern-day situations. But no matter the case, each one is so well done that we just had to compile a list of our favorites for you to enjoy below.

1. Although she also enjoys creating art that has a serious tone, the woman who runs OneFairyFAIL loves using this account as a way to express her silly side.

2. And as a life-long fan of Disney, she enjoys making these edits as much as her fans love seeing them.

3. “My most favorite part is seeing my FairyFAILs ‘come to life’ as I imagined them in my head,” she said, “and a lot of the time I just find myself laughing while creating them – which pretty much serves the entire purpose, I guess, cuz it means I genuinely enjoy making them.”

4. We wouldn’t be able to stop laughing either if we were editing Moana and Rapunzel into the movie “Clueless.”

5. Still, turning these masterpieces from an idea into a reality isn’t easy.

6. The process starts with her having an idea, something that often happens from seeing something on social media or from watching a show or movie.

7. Once she’s had the idea, it’s time for the hard part: Finding images from a show or movie that match the idea in her head.

8. “My least favorite part is searching for frames from movies (that alone can take A LOT OF TIME) and not finding anything that fits my idea,” she said, “or when a FairyFAIL doesn’t end up like the image I had in my mind for it.”

9. She added, “That’s when it gets most frustrating to me as an artist, not just with my FairyFAILS, but with every artwork I create.”

10. She may not always be able to recreate the exact image in her head, but her 15K followers couldn’t be happier with how her edits turn out.

11. Best of all, even when things don’t turn out exactly as she wants, she still has a blast!

12. She’s a huge fan of all the Disney princesses, but she does have some favorites.

13. “My favorite Disney movie when I was a little girl was ‘The Little Mermaid,’ but as I got older, ever since ‘Tangled’ came out – it immediately became my all-time favorite, even when I wasn’t so little anymore.”

14. These two are very loveable, after all.

15. “I love to take them to the opposite ‘extreme’ and make them more realistic and relatable,” she said. “I think it makes my creations so much more funny and interesting that way.”

With her incredible imagination and endless pool of movies to choose from, there’s no limit to what this talented artist can create. In fact, she recently shared that she’s not opposed to expanding her creations to include cartoon characters other than those from Disney princess movies. But no matter what she does next, we can’t wait to see it!

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