15 Times The Meme-Makers Of The Internet Understood The Assignment

wrestlers and Ben Franklin making funny faces

The expression “there’s nothing more constant than change” dates back to 535 B.C., but it’s extremely relevant when it comes to memes!

As you no doubt know by now, memes are jokes, ideas, or behaviors that circulate via sharing on social media sites. Their content shifts along with whatever is happening in the world, so they always offer a fresh take on current events, trends, and politics. We’ve seen so many funny memes over the years! Here are a few that recently tickled our funny bones.

1. Here’s how to tell if your girlfriend is a keeper.

2. Showing up is half the battle, right? Guys… right?

3. So much for “bird brains.”

4. “Roommate has date coming by later and asked me to clean because he’s not home.”

5. “Jack Black is literally the only human that never needs any context for me.”

6. That’s it! You’re off the guest list.

7. They could take pictures of anything during the eclipse. They chose this.

8. Thank goodness for the extroverts of the world.

9. Just stating facts. Not trying to start anything.

10. “My wife left me in charge of buying the shower curtain.” (We think he nailed it!)

11. Those pursed lips, though.

12. Tubas are heavy, but here’s a little light tuba humor for you anyway.

13. We have so many questions.

14. “Worried you might be a crow? Or a raven? Or perhaps a blue jay? We here at Corvid Testing are prepared to answer any and all questions you might have about suddenly becoming a bird human. Corvid Testing. We’re here for you.”

15. “When you don’t let the pizza rolls cool down.”

We can sooo relate to that last one! Why are they filled with delicious, molten-hot lava?

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