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15 Times Quokkas Proved They’re The World’s Happiest (And Cutest) Critters

a quokka laying on the ground smiling as it sleeps and a woman wearing sunglasses smiling as she lays on the ground and poses for a selfie with a smiling quokka holding a stick

Warning – you’re about to fall in love with the most joyful creature you’ve ever met: the quokka!

These adorable marsupials belong to the same family as kangaroos, but they only grow to the size of the average domestic cat. However, the thing that makes these Australian natives stand out the most are their ever-present smiles! Seriously, these tiny creatures are almost always smiling! Check them out for yourself by scrolling through some of our favorite quokka photos.

1. Looks like one of these cuties is feeling bashful!

2. “Breaking news: Every #quokka on @rottnestislandwa [Rottnest Island] has now been issued with a selfie stick as part of a new initiative to help you take the perfect quokka selfie.”

3. “Went for a cycle around Rottnest Island the other day and met this happy chap.”

4.Raise your hand if you would also like a cute baby quokka kiss!

5. Fun fact: Not all joeys are baby kangaroos!

“Joey simply means ‘little animal.’ Baby kangaroos and baby koalas are also called joeys ….. who knew?”

6. We, too, understand the excitement of getting a delicious snack.

7. When you tell your friend it’s time to take a serious photo, but they have plans of their own…

8. “My dream of meeting a quokka in Australia has finally come true.”

9. Sweet dreams, little guy!

10. This quokka understood the assignment.

11. Just a couple of lovebirds going on a double date.

12. This is the proper reaction to meeting a quokka.

13. “Can we spend every rainy day like this?”

14. Chris Hemsworth should feel very honored to have the privilege of taking a photo with this beauty.

15. “After telling my friend Jen it’s extremely hard to take a picture with a quokka, this little one proved me wrong.”

We don’t know about you, but our hearts can’t take how precious these quokkas are with their contagious smiles – it’s no wonder they’ve been deemed “the worlds happiest animal.” We just hope that they’re able to recognize that they make us happy, too!

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