15 Times People Accidentally Broke Physics And Defied Gravity

Gravity is one of those things we seldom think about – it’s just kind of there.


Every so often people manage to balance things so perfectly it makes it seem like gravity doesn’t even exist. Either that, or it simply doesn’t apply. From balancing round objects into a 10-foot tower to breaking a mug and watching it stay upright, there are definitely moments in life when science seems to be asleep at the wheel!

1. Don’t ask us how this whole thing is standing. We literally have no idea.

2. This mug is broken but refuses to see the truth of its situation.

3. The flood waters receded and left behind this stubborn sheet of ice clinging to the trees.

4. Our only question is, “HOW?”

5. Honestly, we have so many questions.

6. See? Pennies are worth something.

7. This photo hurts our brains. Aren’t they upside down?

8. Meet the Jenga equivalent of sorcery.

9. “Barista knocked this broom off the counter and it stood up like a soldier.”

10. Dad found a cute way to defy gravity while proving he still has some hair left.

11. The crew at the Concordia weather station in Antarctica playing with their food at -60°C (-76°F).

12. “Windy day in the northeast caused these icicles to form sideways.”

13. Is this teen friends with the bowling ball guy?

14. “The tilt of the cruise ship makes it look like the water isn’t obeying the law of gravity.”

15. This blanket of snow seems to have hit a bit of a slump.

Who else feels like they just took a walk through the fun house? Night is day, up is down, and we’re so confused!

If this made you smile, please share the joy – and befuddlement!

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