15 Times Mother Nature Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer

It is no secret that we humans are not always the best roommates for Mother Nature.


Many of our inventions, industries, and the like can be hard on the world around us, but sometimes, Mother Nature gets the chance to fight back. And when nature fights back, it reminds us who’s really in charge here. As proof, here are 15 times Mother Nature wasn’t remotely deterred by civilization.

1. This tree that made a body out of a stop sign.

2. A classic tale of “which came first?”

3. An escalator straight out of Oz.

4. There is actually a barn somewhere in this photo.

5. Real grass bursting through fake grass.

6. This tree made the perfect home out of an abandoned chimney.

7. An abandoned Chinese fishing village that is now the coolest moss town ever.

8. Of course, Norway’s version of an abandoned house is a charming chalet covered in spruces.

9. There is, in fact, a ship underneath all that nature.

10. When ivy gives a bike some foliage home reno.

11. The next big thing in fashion. (That’s a shoe.)

12. That, well, that is a car.

13. An abandoned roller coaster straight out of “The Hobbit.”

14. No trespassing.

15. Last but not least, true eco-friendly living.

We hope this gives you a greater appreciation of all that nature is capable of – and its obvious sense of humor!

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