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15 Times Fashion And Nature Came Together “In Perfect Harmony”

We’ve all heard this age-old question: Does life imitate art or is it the other way around? We don’t know for sure, but we recently found out that the art of fashion certainly reflects nature.

With an Instagram bio that says, “My father took my VOGUE away, so I read the encyclopedia instead,” Jill Sherman, the creator of fashion.biologique, has both a sharp eye for fashion and a seemingly endless mental archive of all things natural.

The Maine native explained that when she was 10, her dad tossed their television set out and told them to go play outside. From that moment on, her upbringing consisted of nightly readings of the “Encyclopedia Britannica.”

Pairing her extensive knowledge with her love of fashion, her Instagram was born. Especially at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the pastime became a way for her “to feel closer to nature.”

Now it’s turned into its own art form for the world to enjoy, and we’ve picked some of our favorites. Here are 15 times fashion mimicked nature in a big way.

1. Designer Giambattista Valli versus Fuligo septica, a plasmodial slime mold.

2. David Koma versus the gold-spotted flatworm. 

3. Molly Goddard versus a golden jellyfish.

4. Molly Goddard versus a red paper lantern jellyfish. 

5. Fyodor Golan versus an emerald cuckoo wasp.

6. Lirika Matoshi versus a Giant Allium (also known as a “giant onion”).

7. threeASFOUR versus the gilled polypore.

8. Antonio Grimaldi versus a stalked jellyfish.

9. Naeem Khan versus the blue buckeye butterfly.

10. Noir Kei Ninomiya versus Lenticular clouds.

11. Moschino versus a shaggy cap.

12. Vogue versus an Umbilical Egg Cowrie.

13. Moschino versus a rosetail halfmoon betta.

14. Alexander McQueen versus a leopard lacewing butterfly.

15. Alexander McQueen versus the oyster mushroom. 

“There is so much inspiration in the natural world that most people simply aren’t aware of,” Jill said. “And fashion is one of those places you often see biology and art merge in perfect harmony.”

What a gorgeous display of creativity and a fascinating look at the world all rolled into one! It’s all thanks to Jill and the charming, unique gift she brings with her.

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