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15 Times Excellent Design Turned Everyday Objects Extraordinary


Just because an item is used every day doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Innovative design is what happens when form meets function. All of the items below are regular items we use almost every day, the only difference is they’ve been designed to look fun, quirky, or just plain humorous. Take a look through what we’ve found and see if you agree that it’s always better to be clever instead of boring!

1. He doesn’t live in a pineapple under the sea; this SpongeBob Squarepants lives on the edge of your sink.

2. “When I bought my house, the title company gave me a digital copy of all my documents on a thumb drive shaped like a house key.”

3. The benches outside of this library are designed to resemble books.

4. This very helpful lamp post holds an umbrella so you can rest on a bench.

5. Spotted in a doctor’s office: A house plant life support system.

6. “The knife in this Swiss Restaurant is made to show off the many peaks of the Swiss Alps.”

7. Boring round door handles become so much cooler when they become John Lennon’s glasses.

8. Use the Force to hold your books up, not a book end.

9. “The sinks inside the Le Creuset headquarters are Dutch ovens.”

10. Cleverly-designed beer mugs have special handles so you can carry up to four in one hand.

11. It’s not a fork. It’s not chopsticks. It’s a chork!

12. This butcher shop has the coolest door handle ever.

13. A school in London, England, installed these adorable pencil bollards.

14. This LEGO set includes a figure that uses a wheelchair and a wheelchair access ramp. Inclusivity matters!

15. The “wet floor” cones at Jamba Juice are extremely on brand.

We love seeing creativity in the world around us, and these designs are the embodiment of it. Life’s too short for boring design!

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